Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Tramp Stamps and Tattoo Dreams

As some of you may know I have a slight obsession with tattoos...I could lick the ones on Emily's body all topic...let's focus here. So anyways, I have this obsession with tattoos, and if I could I would seriously have them all over my entire body. LOVE THEM. I, however, seem to feel that I can't stray too far from the norm; therefore, I, for several years, kept it simple with a modest flower on my foot.

Then came the TRAMP STAMP!

Good lord people, this tattoo is a cross between satan's axe and something you might find on a 65 year-old stone butch named Bertha in cell block 8. I am not even exaggerating here. Can we just ask ourselves, what in the fuck was I thinking?! This thing gives new meaning to words like DYKALICIOUS and GAYTASTIC. So yeah...I have decided the time has come to cover that shit. I went for a consult yesterday w/ Patrick @ Bombshell. So here's the deal...I'm pretty sure that I am going to go balls out and get the full back piece that I have always wanted. The problem with this is that it is an estimated 10 hours worth of work. I don't even have the patience to take a poop let alone sit for 10 hours worth of tattooing. Now, I'm not totally stupid...I recognize that this will take place over multiple sessions but still DAMN! The sketch should be done Tuesday, so we will see.

Oh...and was the pooping thing TMI? Whatever, you'll get over it.

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  1. is the tat action open to the public? does that mean you'll have 2? my sister says a person should only have an odd number. which means i'm screwed when i get my Mary tat, cause then i'll have 2.