Thursday, April 3, 2008

My Virtual Lover

I think I blew my writing wad IMing with my secret lover this evening.

Ok, well not really a "secret" so much as this amazing person who I have yet to meet, and maybe not so much a "lover", rather a literal pussy eating champ (poor Otho).

Honesty...this is a relationship / friendship / virtualship (whatever kind of -ship this is) built on honesty, which is quite honestly nice for a change. I can't help but wonder if we will end up back to back, laptops in hand, typing frantically because it is the only way we know how to communicate with each other. God...I'm so dramatic this evening. I'm not sure where this drama is coming from, oh...yep...I'm a big ol' lezy...that explains so much.

To my Lovely VW - Never send me your dirty pussy eating pics if you don't want them to end up being sold on the net like, One Night in Paris.

1 comment:

  1. Courtesy of Wendell Berry...

    Clumsy at first, fitting together
    the years we have been apart,
    and the ways.

    But as the night
    passed and the day came, the first
    fine morning of April,

    it came clear:
    the world that has tried us
    and showed us its joy

    was our bond
    when we said nothing.

    And we allowed it to be
    with us, the new green

    Our lives, half gone,
    stay full of laughter.

    Free-hearted men
    have the world for words.

    Though we have been
    apart, we have been together.

    Trying to sleep, I cannot
    take my mind away.

    The bright day
    shines in my head
    like a coin
    on the bed of a stream.

    You left
    your welcome.

    Signed, Your VW