Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Back to the Practice of Self-Love...or Something Like That

Today has been quite a learning experience. So here are my big take-aways:

1. When you write hate-blogs about yourself, people who care about you ARE GOING TO RESPOND.

2. When they do respond, it is because they care. You need to accept their love and support instead of being a total fuck-head about it. (Sorry to those of you to whom I was a total fuck-head.)

3. Sometimes people surprise you. Even the seemingly emotionally unavailable ones have feelings too. You should always be aware of that before telling them to , "Fuck off, ass!"

4. I am scared shitless that I will turn out just like my mother. I project this fear onto others and assume they have this same worry. Many of them do not.

5. Finally, and probably my most important take-away for the day, you CAN get a spicy chicken fillet on the Chicken Club at Wendy's. Delicious!



  1. I too worry that I will become my mother -- I'm already loud an obnoxious...why not mean and self-hating?


  2. Hey, I floated over from "thatgaychick" and wanted to say your really beautiful. The picture on this post is amazing. I hope this brightens your day even a little.....