Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Snow in Houston and Other Miracles

After four full days of of being trapped inside the hell-hole of my head, I am finally back. Tuesday morning I called Dr. "P" and told him of my misery.
"Yeah, Dr. "P" I'm feelin' real cray-cray and apparently gassy."

We increased the Celexa to 60mg, and by about 9:00 P.M. I started to notice a difference. Then today, at approximately 1:39 P.M., during Days of Our Lives I sort of woke-up...the fog was lifted. I was no longer watching my life from some distant place inside of myself. No more withdrawals. Of course nothing is perfect, I am somewhat hyperactive and still can't stop eating despite the never-ending irritation that is my tummy-ache...but all in all things are good. I am happy and totally present.

Me in reality. Present. Happy.

In addition, it is SNOWING here in Houston! And not that piddly-ass-sleet shit that folks around here like to call "snow", but real, legitimate, stick-to-your-car-and-eyelashes, fluffy flakes of snow. It is like a miracle! Makes me want to run through my apartment complex like Tiny Tim on crack yelling, "Merry Christmas One and All...even that girl in apartment #45!" But in an effort to avoid arrest, I will just quietly thank The Baby Jesus for the miracles of Dr. "P", Celexa, Texas Snow, giving Em the will to stick it out and for saving me before I lost anymore brain cells trying to understand how Patrick became Brady on Days of Our Lives.

"Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!"
P.S. That white car is in the controversial parking spot of apt. #45. You know we almost threw-down, but she was too scared. I think she could sense that I took one semester of Hopkido freshman year of college. I'm just sayin'.

The Red Rabbit frolicking in the snow. She is cold but very happy!

The view of our upstairs window through the falling Houston Snow.

Attempt #1 at a self-portrait. Apparently still gassy.

Attempt #2. Whatever, I was having fun!

Ok, I'm totally tapped out.
Until next time...Peace, Love, and Hair-Grease~
The Sparkly Queen

One more thing...the word "frolicking" has the word "lick" in it. I right?! (You know you wanna chest-bump me.)

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