Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Blessings & Baby Jeeze

Sitting on the landing of our stairs tonight, I took a moment to let in the silence. Above me Emily was sleeping and below me was our lovely home. I smiled...actually, I smiled so big I became a little self-conscious. Realizing that it was just me and Otho (the cat) I allowed myself to take in the peaceful joy that surrounded me. Even now as I type this, I am overwhelmed by this feeling...a realization actually...the realization of the many blessings that are in my life.
  • The consuming love that I am able to feel for and show Emily.
  • Emily's love, commitment, smile, humor, kindness...the list goes on.

  • Everyday I am told and shown that I am loved.

  • Laughter. Each and everyday we laugh.

  • My family: Emily, Karon, Toni, Steve, Ferryn, Amanda, Mindy, Aunt Carolyn, Pappaw, Karter, Bella, Otho, Monster, and even Gertie.

  • The warmth that fills our home.

  • Emily likes to snuggle when she sleeps.

  • Enduring friendships.

  • Bella smiles every time she sees me.

  • The kindness, prayers, love, emails, letters, and support (emotional and financial) that so many people have shared.

  • My Therapists: Robert, Richard, and Ikea. (A girls got needs ya know.)

  • The best pizza in the world is only a mile from my house and costs $1.5o per slice.

  • Framboise.

  • The support of my team, who have made it possible for me to take a leave of absence to focus on the care of my mother.

  • Al-Anon (Never thought I'd say that.)

  • Our new bedding. Love it.

  • Excellent health insurance. If you've got it be thankful. If it's good...get on your knees and thank The Sweet Baby Jeeze or at least your CEO cause man it's a hard-knock life for those who ain't got it.

The list goes on. The point is I am happy. Despite all that may be difficult right now, I am truly happy. This is my life...here with Em in Houston. Thank you Sweet Baby Jeeze, for everything.

Love & Sparkles-
The Sparkly Queen

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