Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Life's a Bitch...Then You Lick Her Sweat

On April 24 I had the complete and total honor of meeting the original and ultimate SPARKLY QUEEN Bitch (aka Capital B). Formerly of the kick-ass duo Bitch and Animal, known for rockin' out with their cocks out to tunes like "Best Cock on Block".

Bitch & Animal

Bitch has since moved on and is continuing to "Break This" with her band The Exciting Conclusion (B+TEC=!).

Can I just say that she totally rocked my freakin' world! I had the op to jam out w/ my clam out right in front of the stage man! AWESOME!!!!!! I mean I am pretty positive she was singing to me. Yeah...definitely...she was.

"I want to make-out with you. You are so pretty! Let me tap that ass!"
The lyrics were something like that.

I, of course, was the only person even standing, let alone dancing and worshiping her all up close and personal like. I swear I could lick the sweat from her balls...I mean, if she had balls...and I totally hate balls...ewww...but if she had balls...I'd Tea Bag her. Totally. She seriously rocks my world in a big bad way.

Whaaaat! Is that a fiddle? I think so my friend, I think so.

Yep...she's totally touching me. She grabbed my ass, and I was like, "Whoa! I've got a girlfriend. I mean Bitch...I know I'm hot, but come on." OK, not really. That was me who did the ass grabbing, and she was like, "Whoa! I'm calling security." Whatever.


In a drunkin' stupor I swore that I was going to get this tattooed on my body. Honestly, I meant to. I didn't wash it off for 3 days, then finally I was like...dude, I'm too tired.

All Hail Ye, Bitch! All Hail Ye!

The Sparkly Queen

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  1. I met Bitcha nd Animal when I was in Cleveland (?) for Pride. Totally Rocked! Had a drink with them and EVERYTHING!