Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Random Bits and Favors

My mom's surgeon called this morning at 7:00 cancer. With those words my chest got a little lighter. Today is a really good day. I feel a little more free to continue and enjoy my life and more prepared to get things back on track. Trust me, there is a lot to get back on track..

Wedding preparations

Packing for our move on May 28

Facilitation of a new staff training

Conference calls

Checking-in with my staff members

Getting ready to leave for and help run the 8 week 24/7 training that I have worked all year to prepare for

Working out with my trainer

My health, diet, and weight (so tired of bitching about this one)

Hunting the lizard in our apartment

Getting my tan on...

The list goes on, but even at this point I am bored with myself. Anyways...speaking of the wedding, we finally landed on a favor for the the guests. Beautiful glass wine stoppers from I really think they will be the perfect gift given that my future mother-in-love will be preparing a 5 course dinner w/ wine pairings. I know...she is super-fabulous.

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