Friday, June 13, 2008

Talkin' Trump

I have never been so damn tired in my entire life. Last week I worked 118 hours. No, that is not an exaggeration. I do not even want to know how many hours I have worked this week. OUT OF CONTROL!

I have not blogged in almost one month, which can't be healthy. This is my outlet. I need this as a release; however, word on the street is that folks can't even blog anymore without the boss man gettin' all irate...up your ass...talking about firing people like some low-grade Donald Trump. This, in my opinion, is BULL SHIT! I should not have to worry that my organization is scanning my laptop, or the net looking to catch me doing something "naughty". What the "F" ever.

During a meeting w/ a University that shall remain unnamed, they informed me that one of my "clients" had some concerns about the condition of one of their dorm rooms (please do not even begin to question why my "clients" are in dorm rooms). I inquired, "When did my client approach you?" They responded, "Oh, they didn't. We read it in their blog. Actually, there are several blogs that mention this..." I'm all like hold got this blog info how?! Then they had the balls to ask if they could follow-up w/ these bloggers directly. I'm like, yes by all means. Please tell my "clients" that you are stalking their every move online. That is EXACTLY what I need to happen in the very god-forsaken moment. Actually, I just said, "No. That cannot happen." Good lord people.

Totally insane if you ask me. F-ing ridiculous. Yeah, I talk a big game, but I am now debating if this little blog of mine will need to go. Until I decide...FUCK THE MAN!

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  1. Something very similar happened to me. I was in a complicated relationship with a prof at my university and they tried to cover it up and I was being harassed by some people who worked there. I blogged about it (where only two of my friends could read it). I was then contacted by someone at the university and told I was on academic suspension for blogging about something like that when there was never even an investigation done to clear my name or the profs but right away they started attacking me. I went to the president who took over for the Head of Human Resources, but I still don't know if the other homophbic and misogynistic SOB had the power to suspend me academically and I don't know how they managed to get on my blog. It is really scary that these institutions think they can get away with stuff like that. Not only do they infringe upon our rights but then they all too frequently attempt to silence dissidents, thus violating our right to free speech.